Aphrodisiacs, Pheromones & Fungi

While I’m sure most of us have read lists of proposed “aphrodisiacs”, and maybe even tasted a few, because who doesn’t like chocolate or the very real possibility of dying from eating ill-prepared Japanese blowfish?  Aphrodisiacs around the world include a majority of things that are pure placebo effect and truly bizarre, but it seems a select few may have a basis in sex science.

These lists may include Rhino Horn, Shark Fin and Cobra meat/blood. These ingredients are all matters of myth in the sack and most sourcing of is quite harmful as it can contribute to poaching. Currently, both Rhinos and apex Sharks have dwindling numbers in their native ecosystems and only some parts are prized while meat and the carcass are often left behind.  Also on the list: Baboon urine, which is another thing entirely… as they may be getting high on whatever that animal had eaten earlier or the ammonia it excretes, much like some methamphetamine addicts in the U.S. did with their own extracted urine to better “recycle” the crystal with an added chemical high.  I personally don’t recommend any of that…

On to the more exciting scientific discoveries, far better than the ones that just give you a jolt of energy, like caffeine, maca or cacao, or mere relaxation from social anxiety like red wine, but can instantly make you come to orgasm. Yep, you read that right, there is are few things that can give hands-off excitement better than pheromones, and while every person gives off thier own cocktail of such, women are the most sensitive to them.  While there is still a lot of controversy over whether pheromones can cause women to all have synchronized menstrual cycles, it is proven that women around primer pheromones, even if they aren’t doing the hanky panky will ovulate 90% of the time, but if they live a sexless life only surrounded by their own sad pheromones, they can menstruate without the ovulation of an egg- in fact, they ovulate only about 50% of the time.  We are even more attracted to those who do not share a large chunk of genetics to ourselves, something that can be subconsciously detected by simply smelling sweat.  It’s a marvel of evolution, but what is even more intriguing is a discovery that a specific mushroom, known as (don’t laugh) Phallus indusiatus, and perhaps those scientists who discovered and named the bamboo pith knew something we couldn’t confirm until a 2001 study was published, or maybe it is really just a Freudian world and we simply name everything vaguely erect a phallus. In any case, it earned that name when it gave multiple women spontaneous orgasms.   Spontaneous in that there was no internal or clitoral stimulation, and yet 6 out of 16 women just took a good whiff of this pungent mushroom’s spore-covered slime and came right then and there! All reported being deeply aroused after inhalation. Men however thought it smelled like a rotting bucket of semen and did not elicit similar chemical reactions.  Field notes from the study claim one woman said she wanted to just “gobble it up”…

So perhaps amidst whatever other kinky things you like to get your lady (or get as a lady) a trip to find this stinky mushroom may just be worth it.

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