A Brief Introduction.

To begin, I will deconstruct the very idea(s) behind naming a blog “Cake” that has so much more to do with human bio-chemistry than that of baking particular dessert.

Though it could be said yeast has been found in both subjects on occasion, that is exactly not what I had in mind here.  There is certainly a relationship that has been made evident in pop culture between genitalia of both sexes and sweets that I find interesting.  One that shames direct discussion of one’s anatomy, perhaps for sake of keeping Victorian-age ideas about innocence since it seems to creates a child-like allure while giving little information to the actual thing being referred to.  Admittedly, having too much sugar can be naughty, and rather addictive, which is another one of the connotations that come with hip-hop songs, such as Rihanna’s Birthday Cake, which chants “Bet you wanna put your name on it. Bet you want to put your name on it. It’s not even my birthday, but he want to lick the icing off… Cake Cake Cake. “ or Lil Wayne’s Lollipop, which topped charts and won a Grammy in 2009, there are countless other references of similar nature which all beg to question, is this playful or dangerous?

Though this is a topic to be further addressed in future posts, it seems that the female anatomy is rarely discussed by it’s literal name(s) as even the word vagina is often wildly inaccurate as it is daily use, as it is only the internal reproductive canal, but used as a blanket-term for the external area which includes the Labia, Vulva, Clitoris and Mons Pubis. This would be as if we negated education or discussion of the entire head of the penis, the greatest area of nerve endings, and thus pleasure. The metaphorical terms we are left with are either sickeningly sweet or just plain sickening which begins to place a complicated stigma in many women, both young and fully developed.

Furthermore, if you haven’t already started formulating ideas, I am in fact a woman, but I have no intentions on restricting this blog to any gender or sex as long as all submissions and those reading are respectful and just as excited in learning more about the intersections of life sciences (anatomy & physiology as well as biology) and social sciences and how they come together. Specifically human sexual acts/attraction in relation to American Culture.  Even more importantly, is that we all have fun and ask questions freely.  Knowledge is power! And perchance, someday you can have your cake… and eat it too.